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Welcome! Week of June 1, 2020.

Online Learning:


A note from Ms. Brown:

We have our last zoom at 11 Monday. It is crazy that our year together has come to an end. I will miss these kids so much. They made my first year at YSCP so great!!! We were able to do so much while we were in school and we learned so much as well. We worked in reading groups, we worked with hands on materials to solve problems and to learn concepts, we read read alouds to make connections, we took a closer look at confusing problems, we reviewed skills everyday, we worked on TDA prompts and really focused on our inferencing skills, we did gallery walks around the room, we did projects from home and presented them to the class, we worked with art to help us understand some of our learning in language arts, social studies, and science, and we came together as a class.... even with all of our unique abilities and different personalities we were able to make our learning environment amazing and feel safe and feel comfortable. I will never forget these group of kids!!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for working with me during this online learing experience. A lot of adjustments had to be made, but I know my class did awesome with it and I am confident that each and everyone of my students is ready for 5th grade, which is awesome! 

I sent something to your child via mail early last week, so you should have gotten it by now, hopefully.

Have a great week and a great summer!! 

**I-ready will be available this summer for students to still continue to use**

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Another way for students to connect- I made a padlet where students can share what they are doing, share a craft they made, share pictures from a hike they went on, share a funny joke, or just drop in to say hi.

**For more online resources check out the homework tab**


Things to work on at home:

Continue to work on multiplication and division facts. This can done via online, flashcards, paper practice, etc..

Check this site out for a different way to practice: Web Math Minute


**Students should bring a snack to school to have in their locker. We will have a small snack period between second and third period** (if you cannot provide a snack for your child please email me and we can work something out). 




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